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Cooling Spray (4 oz) Neutralizing Foot Spray Infused Facial Toners (4 oz)
Cooling Spray (4 oz)
Our Price: $9.99
Neutralizing Foot Spray
Our Price: $9.99
The Herbal Infused Cooling Spray provides relief to summer heat, relieves itching associated with irritated skin conditions, and feels excellent on skin. All natural herbs and aloe vera are essential ingredients making this product perfect for sensitive skin! Seaux Shea's Neutralizing Foot Spray will restore the pH balance of your feet and neutralize them after soaking and exfoliating. Created with all natural ingredients including peppermint and tea trea essential oils to name a few. Apply a few sprays to each foot after Step Two. Allow to air dry if possible before going to Step Four.

Pretty Feet Foot Care Regimen available under the Blog tab

100% all natural products made with sensitive skin in mind.

Restores ph balance after cleansing and clears pores before moisturizing!