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Whipped Dry & Itchy Scalp Mousse (8 oz) Beard Oil Infused Hair Oils
Beard Oil
Our Price: $14.99
Infused Hair Oils
Our Price: $15.00
Our Dry & Itchy Scalp Mousse nourishes, moisturizes, soothes and replenishes your hair follicles while stimulating nutrients and circulation on your scalp!  Shea butter, cocunut, almomd, castor & olive oils along with an essential oil blend create a luxurious conditioning experience.  Can be used as a deep conditioner and/or daily moisturizer. Infused with herbs and essential oils, this Beard oil still has all natural properties of all ingredients to keep your Beard moisturized all day long. A little bit of oil goes a long way! The Infused Hair Oils moisturize, stimulate circulation on the scalp, while combats dandruff and sooth itchiness.
Beard Oil Hair Conditioning Mousse
Beard Oil
Our Price: $15.00
Hair Conditioning Mousse
Our Price: $15.99
The Infused Beard Oil moisturizes and nourishes facial hair. Our hair & scalp mousse moisturizes, nourishes your hair follicles while stimulating circulation for your scalp! Can be used as a deep conditioner and/or daily hair dress.