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Pretty Feet Foot Care Regimen by Seaux Shea:

1. Detox Foot Soak- Soak feet with the Seaux Shea Foot Detox Soak. Add desired amount of soak to a foot bath. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Remove feet from soak, pat dry with clean towel and prepare for step two. D
rain foot tub, clean, sanitize and fill with hot water. This will be used to rinse after Step Two.

2. Exfoliate- Apply the Foot Scrub by Seaux Shea to each foot/heel, rubbing in a circular motion. This step will loosen and remove dead skin that has softened during the soak. You can also use a pumice stone during this step to intensify the process of removing dead skin. Repeat this step if necessary. Rinse feet in hot water, pat dry and allow to air dry if possible.

3. Nourish- Seaux Shea's Foot Tonic Spray will restore the pH balance of your feet and neutralize them after soaking and exfoliating. Created with all natural ingredients including peppermint and tea trea essential oils to name a few. Apply a few sprays to each foot after Step Two. Allow to air dry if possible before going to Step Four.

4. Moisturize -
Step Four in the Seaux Shea Foot Care regimen is moisturize. The Foot & Heel Balm is full of all-natural ingredients that heal, soften and soothe your dry, cracked heels and achy feet. Herbal infused extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and a special blend of essential oils combine to nourish, treat, and moisturize your feet and heels. Apply to clean feet to nourish and moisturize. Clean white socks ensure your feet absorb all of the awesome ingredients into your feet.

Intense Moisturizer:

Wrap your feet in Saran wrap. Let the Saran wrap or plastic wrapand the lotion remain your feet for 20 minutes, to add another layer of moisture to your dry skin. Remove the wrap and discard. Before heading to bed, cover your feet
with cotton socks to seal in moisture and heal cracked heels.